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Tax Compliance Made Easy

Regular Management Reporting has many benefits for a business including effective Financial Management, which in turn, allows proactive tax planning to take place throughout the year.


BMK focus on increasing business profits and improving cash flow, all in consideration of tax payment equations.


Our team will present a timetable of all your tax deadlines well in advance, so that you can plan for each event. No surprises, no cash flow hiccups - you build this into the management of your business.


Our tax team will review your allowable deductions and refer you to opportunities that you should not miss. We are happy to provide advice to you to help reduce administrative costs and deal more affectively with the time consuming compliance of running a business. This will provide you with the freedom to build your wealth, grow your business, and enjoy your lifestyle.


Our team take great pride in looking after our individual clients by providing comprehensive tax advice, adding significant value to their future. Lets face it, lots of firms can just do tax returns - BMK offer much more. We have a deep understanding of many industries and deliver a tailored solution, encompassing financial management and risk management.


BMK has a strong reputation within the Australian entertainment industry, and with busy high net worth individuals seeking cohesive financial management.


If you have a self managed super fund, BMK have the expertise to ensure you comply with the complex superannuation legislation.


What’s more, we review the strategic options to maximise your retirement monies through both the accumulation and retirement phases.


We will ensure that you have the confidence that you’re meeting all your tax obligations and also that your tax affairs are structured in the most effective way so you avoid significant and unnecessary taxation liabilities.


We can assist you in the following areas...


  • End of year tax returns

  • Business and Instalment Activity Statements

  • Fringe Benefits Tax Returns

  • Tax Planning

  • Preparation of Super Funds (SMSF) Financials and Tax Returns

  • Dealing with the statutory authorities such as the ATO, State Revenue Office and ASIC.

Suite 4 / 651 Canterbury Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

t. +61 3 9699 7162  

f. +61 3 9690 7653

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